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Post  Admin on Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:07 pm

Rules are simple:

No offensive language, links or images

Do not post membership numbers, email addresses, telephone numbers or addresses (or parts thereof)
this is for your own safety and security, and the security of the club.

You are advised not to post dates of when you will be away from home as this may compromise your security (it is not inconceivable a burglar could stumble upon the post)

Whilst it would be nice to see this forum busy, please do not copy posts fom other forums or newsgroups. Whilst inevitably similar threads will crop up, there has been a forum that has been blatantly ripping threads from newsgroups. That kind of behaviour will quickly earn you a ban from here and probably from the newsgroup in question.

Any breaches of these rules to be posted in the relevent section.


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